The Party Central Committee’s Commission for Information and Education, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the General Department of Politics under the Vietnam People’s Army, the Vietnam Association of Photographic Artists, and relevant agencies organised a photo contest with the theme “Pride in the Frontier Strip”. The contest aimed to continue diversifying ways to promote the beauty and potential of land border areas to readers inside and outside Vietnam while raising the responsibility of the whole Party, army and people for national building and safeguarding, and to welcome the 13th National Party Congress. Within the five months it was open, the contest’s organising board received 7,000 entries, including 4,078 single photos and 399 photo sets (each comprising 5-8 single photos) from 745 photographers in all 63 cities and provinces in Vietnam. The board of examiners then selected two first, three second, six third, and 10 consolation prizes and exhibited 197 works.

The Virtual Exhibition

To publicise the best shots and honour Vietnamese and foreign photographers, both professional and amateur, the organising board has now published the “Pride in the Frontier Strip” Virtual Exhibition.

The Virtual Exhibition depicts the beauty of the land and people in border areas, from “The colours of the border”, “Lao Xa in spring”, “The ripe rice season in the border”, and “Dawn in the remote border”, to “Unique bull racing festival in the border area”, “The flood season in An Giang’s border area”, and “Red Dao ethnic group’s ‘cap sac’ ritual”. Relations based on friendship, cooperation, peace, and development between Vietnam and countries with which it shares a border are affirmed through photos on trade exchanges at border gates, friendly meetings, and joint border patrols. Of particular note, the photo book contains beautiful and touching images recognising and honouring the contributions and sacrifice made by generations of Vietnamese people, especially the armed forces, in safeguarding independence, sovereignty, reunification, and territorial integrity.
Opening the Virtual Exhibition, we hope to pass on the sincere and profound feelings in the photos to Vietnamese art lovers, thus helping affirm the victory of the policies and efforts, and achievements of the Party, the State, and localities, especially those in border areas, in building the national border line on the mainland, contributing to ensuring national defence and security, maintaining peace, stability, friendship, cooperation and development, and at the same time promoting the image of the Vietnamese land, culture and people among international friends.