Responding to the Art Photo Contest “Proud of a border strip”

The Propaganda Department of Thai Binh Provincial Party Committee has just issued Official Letter No. 1312-CV/BTGTU requesting the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Department of Information and Communications, Radio and Television Station, and Thai Binh Newspaper to promote propaganda. , introducing the Art Photo Contest on the topic “Proud of a frontier”.

The art photo contest “Proud of a border strip” is chaired by the Central Propaganda Department and coordinated with relevant agencies and applications; Vietnam Association of Photographic Artists (NSNAVN).

Contestants: all Vietnamese citizens at home and abroad, foreigners working and living in Vietnam, no age limit. Members of the Steering Committee, the Organizing Committee, the Jury Council, and the Secretariat are not allowed to participate in the competition.​

The content of the contest “Proud of a frontier” includes: Pictures and activities showing achievements of the renovation and international integration in the process of national construction and defense in the border areas. of our country; economic, cultural and social activities, images showing the foreign relations of friendship, peace, cooperation and development of Vietnam and neighboring countries; The historical – cultural – human values, the beauty of the natural landscape stretching throughout the land border of Vietnam, the exchange and cooperation in the fields of economy, society, culture and international defense, security and foreign affairs of border provinces; Moments of life, daily activities, customs, practices and culture of people on the border between Vietnam and neighboring countries; images of tourists discovering, experiencing and immersing themselves in the lives of border people; examples of “good people, good deeds”; daily life, study, training, combat readiness to protect security, order, safety and national sovereignty of the Vietnamese armed forces in border areas; Cultural works, art forms, festivals, folklore forms on the land border area of ​​Vietnam.

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Responding to the Art Photo Contest "Proud of a border strip"
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46 years of national reunification: Photo exhibition "Proud of a border strip"

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